The Friends of the Scala are writing a book on the Scala’s history. Fred Hobbs, one of our most dedicated followers and a local historian, is putting together a book of the Scala’s history from the days before it was built.

Trying not to give too much away, Fred has gone the length and width of Denbighshire to libraries, Denbighshire archives and other sources as well as his own detailed knowledge of the Scala, to put together the book which Friends of the Scala are in the middle of getting funds together to publish.

Fred has gone way back before the Scala building was built, back to when the land was near enough on the seashore, the book will contain details of the town hall opening, the opening celebration menu, right through its Saronie days, refurbishment into a proper cinema, 60’s refurbishment when the art deco paneling was erected to the front of the building, through to its closure in December 2000.

From that day onwards myself and Sandra will be writing the history of the Friends of the Scala, the fight to save the building from demolition and through until its opening day again.

There will be paperback copies being hopefully sold in the building when its reopened, but we will also be taking orders for a special limited edition hard back book of which there will only be a certain amount ever printed.

I will keep you posted of the progression of the book and the costing or both paperback and limited edition books when we have had all the costings.