Cinema projection equipment on order

Below is the list of cinema projection equipment ordered for the new building.

Cinema equipment


  • 35mm projector + lenses + lamphouse
  • Long play platter
  • Rewinders (manual + motorised)
  • Spools, film joiners, etc
  • Projection room ventilation extract
  • Sound system + speakers (Dolby Digital)
  • Screen + masking

Studio theatre:

  • 35mm projector + lenses + lamphouse
  • Long play platter
  • Projection room ventilation extract
  • Sound system + speakers (Dolby Digital)
  • Screen + masking

Video projection:

  • DLP Digital project (Cinema)
  • LCD Analogue projector (Studio)
  • Video server, DVD player, etc

This list has been kindly provided by Catrin Jones project manager for the new Scala (DCC).

Friends of the Scala visit the Scala construction site

The Friends of the Scala today visited the site of the new cinema building to see just how far the work has come along, Sandra Pitt (Chair), Frank Bailey (vice chair), Daniel Graham (secretary), Fred Hobbs and Lillian Bailey had a sneak preview behind the closed gates and fences of the building site. Workmen very busy and carried on working as the tour was held. Building work has gone much further than expected with interior walls and rooms now being built, and we were all very surprised at the progress as the weather in Prestatyn hasn’t really helped much over the last few months. Dressing rooms and stores are beginning to take shape the lift shaft and upper floors are being worked on.

A photograph taken during the Friends of the Scala site visit (October 2007)
A photograph taken during the Friends of the Scala site visit (October 2007) (Credit: Friends of the Scala/Daniel Graham-Jones)

The busiest aspect of the work was being carried out at the original part of the building, being the middle of a matching terrace off the High Street, the old box office foyer area being taken back to its brick work and original level of access. But by far the most wonderful work is the original brick coving and architecture work on the frontage of the building, the arched windows from the old green room being replaced and taken to floor height, so that the new café bar area has windows to the floor for added light and feature.

The work on the coving and brick work at the front hasn’t started yet but you can still see how wonderful it will be again from what is left from behind the 60’s façade, having the middle terrace match its sister properties either side at the building society and the chemist.

It really was a great treat for the Friends of the Scala to have this preview of the work and we thank everyone involved in setting it up and the building contractors for putting up with us walking round asking questions.

I have taken pictures on my way round of parts of the new building which can be seen here in our Gallery.

New Scala taking shape

An image showing the Scala Cinema being rebuilt.
Photo of the Prestatyn Scala Cinema being rebuilt, provided by Catrin Jones, Scala Project Manager DCC (via Friends of the Scala)

Well the new Scala is now really taking shape, although it still looks like a building site, it is now becoming a building again with workmen very busy constructing the all new Scala Cinema/Arts Centre, a building that will always be remembered.

I know myself and the Friends of the Scala are very proud and very excited with the new building running to schedule, even though Prestatyn was hit by the recent flash floods. I would like to thank the builders and all involved for all the hard work, we’re not there yet but we can see the new Scala being re-born for the community and many years to come.

You can view more photos of the rebuilding of Prestatyn’s Scala Cinema in our Gallery.