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DCC: Council agrees changes to Capital Plan

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The people of Prestatyn have been given two months to prove that they can make the Scala work as a community project.

Today (Tuesday) Denbighshire County Council unanimously decided to give Prestatyn Town Council and residents until November to prove that they can take forward the project to create a community arts centre at the former town centre cinema.

The decision came following a thorough debate on the Capital Plan in which nearly twenty members spoke and which resulted in the following unanimous decisions:

1. In view of information from the Capital Task Group, to defer a decision on the Scala to the Council meeting in November, to allow the opportunity for Prestatyn Town Council and residents to take the project forward. Pending that decision, the allocation previously made for this project should be moved to an unallocated reserve;

2. The Ruthin Craft Centre project should continue subject to the same condition as the current Council decision of the tender being within budget;

3. Past allocations made for community capital projects that lapse, in line with the Cabinet’s decision in July 2006, should be ring-fenced for reallocation to other community capital projects, with the normal allocation for these projects being reviewed annually before bids are invited;

4. The Capital Task Group should continue, with a remit to review the current procedures surrounding the capital plan and secondly to consider the medium term capital planning requirements.

5. Future strategic planning should include town strategies and encompass the rural strategy being developed, as well as taking account of the Vision, Spatial Plan and the LDP.

The report of the Capital Task Group was introduced by the Chief Executive, Ian Miller, who told councillors that references to “a black hole” and “the Rhuddlan debt” were irresponsible, inappropriate and inaccurate.

The Council has not committed itself to proceeding with projects for which funding is not in place. However, all capital resources have been allocated for the next three years. The focus for the Council’s debate was whether it should create additional flexibility within the capital plan over the next three years, in addition to the allocation that had already been made for contingencies.

Source: Denbighshire County Council Press Release 19.09.06