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  1. Memories gone but not lost

    December 22nd 2000, the last staff party picture. Gwyneth Jones Melanie Pitt and Daniel Graham enjoying what was to be the last ever 1990's staff party.

    © Daniel Graham-Jones

  2. From the album Friends of the Scala visit the Scala site (Oct 2007)

    This picture taken from the back of the building left hand wall of the Studio theatre and shows the two levels bottom gallery/hanging space and upper main purpose cinema auditorium. If you look at the picture at full size you can see the remains of back wall of the original part of the building. Left old balcony ladies toilets moving across old managers office, the white wall in the middle would have been the back wall of the old projector room, moving across again to the old switch room and finally far right the old gents balcony toilets. to the left and right either side was the old stair wells.

    © Prestatyn-Scala.info

  3. From the album Friends of the Scala visit the Scala site (Oct 2007)

    This picture is looking trough one of the arched windows down into the old foyer area front of the building. seen at full size the new breeze blocks in the top middle of the picture was the old right hand entrance into the auditorium corridor from the foyer. The bottom of the breeze blocks was once the floor height of the old foyer box office area. This has now been cleared the full length of the terrace back to the original brickwork.

    © Prestatyn-Scala.info

  4. From the album Friends of the Scala visit the Scala site (Oct 2007)

    Original building frontage. Looking from a platforn at the front, the arch in the middle the top of one of the original doorways into the cinema from the high street, you can also see the main steel gurders holding the first floor of the terrace. Here the brick work has been extreamly damaged due to the builders in the late 1960's chipping off all the coving and brickwork from the original terrace, to replace it with the art deco panelled facade the scala has had for the last 40 odd years. This is one of the biggest jobs for the new building matching the brick and colour and moulding all the original art coving back to match the terrace.

    © Prestatyn-Scala.info

  5. From the album Friends of the Scala visit the Scala site (Oct 2007)

    This picture is of the back left hand corner of the second screen/studio theatre at ground level. In the middle of the picture at the bottom, the lift shaft can be seen. bottom right will be the area the seats can be retracted into, and the top second floor will house the lighting gallery/projector room full length of both screens. At the bottom left of the picture is the gallery, with wall hanging space and showing area leading from the main foyer to lift and stair wells; there will also be a open space outdoor yard off this room, letting some greenary and natural light in. At the upper left will be the right hand wall of the main purpose cinema sceen auditorium. At upper right is access corridoor to first floor rooms.

    © Prestatyn-Scala.info

  6. From the album Friends of the Scala visit the Scala site (Oct 2007)

    This picture looking in at the front of the building off the high street into the right hand side of the terrace ground floor. Just to the right of where the builders have sprayed no entry you can see a doorway that has been bricked up, this was and original doorway from the old shop to the right of the cinema foyer through to the back room and fire exit alleyways. The breeze blocks just in the left of the picture as explained before was the right hand entry into the auditorium corridor. The new Buidling is incorparating the whole of the terrace area at the front, opening the space and making the new buildings entrance area bigger and better. The ground level of the new building will be very contempary being mostly glass letting alot of light into the area, and the first floor level with its drop windows arched as in the original 1901 building with false balconies overlooking the high street from the Cafe/bar.

    © Prestatyn-Scala.info

  7. From the album Friends of the Scala visit the Scala site (Oct 2007)

    Back of the building, looking towards the High Street. This picture looks from the second screen/studio theatre to the right of the screen stage area to back stage, the brick work you can see at the bottom left of the picture will be the green room dressing/shower rooms. The upper first floor will be the screen front of the main purpose cinema auditorium with 150 fixed seats.

    © Prestatyn-Scala.info

  8. From the album Friends of the Scala visit the Scala site (Oct 2007)

    Back of the building. This picture is of the back store, originally the film drop off but now becoming theatre store. Situated to the left of theatre get in and loading.

    © Prestatyn-Scala.info

  9. Busy times and changes ahead for the friends i just hope i can cope with the paperwork this year!

  10. Awards

    Friends of the Scala
  11. RICS Award

    From the album Awards

    Friends of the scala pictured with the RICS award won for the New Scala building.

    © (&copy) Friends of the Scala

  12. Busy updating the calendar lots to see and do coming up have a look

  13. Flower show 2010 F.O.S

    Picture taken by Friends of the scala