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  1. Dan

    Memories gone but not lost

    December 22nd 2000, the last staff party picture. Gwyneth Jones Melanie Pitt and Daniel Graham enjoying what was to be the last ever 1990's staff party.

    © Daniel Graham-Jones

  2. Busy times and changes ahead for the friends i just hope i can cope with the paperwork this year!

  3. Dan


    Friends of the Scala
  4. Busy updating the calendar lots to see and do coming up have a look

  5. Dan

    Flower show 2010 F.O.S

    Picture taken by Friends of the scala
  6. Dan

    Flower Show 2009

    Scarecrow 1st prize in the Morris cup for best Scarecrow.
  7. Spring has finally sprung heres hoping for a great summer 2010

  8. Dan

    Scala Building site visits

    Pictures taken by the Friends on various visits to the site.
  9. Dan


    Staff Christmas Party 1999 Gary Holding the back of the Safe which was Angle Grinded off in a break in a few weeks earlier!
  10. Past images of the Scala before it closed its doors December 2000
  11. Dan

    Statyn Awards Night

    Pictures from the Scala's Statyn Awards Night.
  12. Dan

    Hello glen welcome i can now change you over from a normal website member to a committee member thanks tell everyone you know about the site and ask them to join we need all the support we can.

  13. Graham

    Thanks for all your hard work Dan!


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